Here’s 10 reasons why you should READ AND FOLLOW my blog.

I’ve been thinking for ages that I should write a blog. Actually, I already had one some years ago but after giving birth to my second child, I forgot the password. Hah! Wala akong sinisisi ah. Sayang, it contained my travel diary.

Anyway, last summer, on Holy Monday, we had a Division Writeshop for Social Science teachers. I was a part of the CPAR (I would discuss this later) group. But because being a teacher-nanay is so challenging, I was not able to finish the task. I just made two modules good for four weeks. And just this weekend, I was called up to submit the long overdue module which, up to this moment, I failed to finish.

So, during the stretch of the school year, I was really contemplating on whether to finish the module or to just create a whole new blog. Until after lunch, ‘eto na nga. I was asking the help of a student on ideas. Hanggang sa inabot na ako ng limang oras dito sa sahig para makagawa ng first entry sa blog na ito.

This endeavor, in this time and age, is kind of tricky to me. Para akong nanganganay ulit. Please bear with me.

To give you an overview, here are some reasons why you should support me by reading and following my blog:

  1. If you are a Senior High School student, I will post here my notes on different topics about Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions and 21st Century Literature. The comment section would be open for questions and discussions. I will also provide links of the reference materials I used so you could cross-check my contents.
  2. If you are a college student, I will provide here personal notes about various topics in the Social Sciences and Humanities that I have already taught when I was still with a state university.
  3. If you are a new teacher, I will include here techniques and strategies that I used in teaching various subjects. You may use them in your own classroom. I could even help you through seminars and workshops. Just send me an e-mail.
  4. If you are a mother, I could help you stay sane by giving you hacks about mom-child relationships, tutorials and art activities. I will also show you some DIY ideas for home and office.
  5. If you are a book lover, I could recommend good reads for you. I will also publish reviews, which both students and teacher could get ideas from. Aside from that, I will also whisper to you where to go for the next book sale. Aja!
  6. If you are a Korean drama fan, I will list down recommendation for best T.V. series, films and oppas. I will also write K-drama reviews, which I have already started. Nasa notebook nga lang.
  7. If you are an anime fan, gusto kong malaman mo na mahal ko si Eugene at Dennis ng Ghost Fighter; pinangarap kong magkaanak ng lalaki dahil kay Conan at aliw na aliw ako kay Sakuragi.
  8. If you are an artist or crafter, MAARTE KA! Let us display our artworks. I will also show you my crochet WIPs, my journal formats and designs and others. If you want, you may suggest so I could improve my craft. Hindi naman ako maselan.
  9. If you are a caffeine addict, then be my guest. Sabay-sabay nating alamin kung ang coke na nasa baso ay galing sa lata, sakto, mismo, kasalo o 1.5L. Yes, may tendencies akong ganun. Aside from that, let me share you my coffee experiences. Where to find the instagrammable coffee shops, the accommodating ones and those that sell really good coffee. Pwede rin tayong mag-review ng 3-in1. Haha!
  10. If you are like me, tahimik pero malikot and isip at madaldal pero maraming nakakalimutan, then let my blog remind you that we are all humans here, maraming pangangailangan at pananagutan sa gitna ng mga kadramahan at kaartehan sa buhay.

8 thoughts on “Here’s 10 reasons why you should READ AND FOLLOW my blog.

  1. Uy! Nice! Hello po!! Hahahaha feeling ko may makakausap na ako hahah marami tayong pagkakatulad! I’ll follow youuu!!
    College student po ako, future teacher, mahilig magDIy at “MAARTE” (crochet, susubukan ko pa lang mag aral ng pagbuburda) rin ako hahah! Thank you!


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