Blogging Challenge: If I won the lottery…

Last time I was interested in a lottery was few years ago when there was over a hundred million pesos at stake. And somebody actually won. Last year, if I remember it right, a lone bettor won P245 million in the PCSO ultra jackpot 6/58. It was a huge money that can even buy myContinue reading “Blogging Challenge: If I won the lottery…”

Blogging Challenge: My Blended Family

Normally, a family is composed of parents and children from the same blood or lineage. But mine is quite different. My family is composed of an instafamily and a biological one. Today, it is called a blended family–both of us have children who are not biologically or related to each other because they came fromContinue reading “Blogging Challenge: My Blended Family”

Question: What’s inside your bag?

Answer: It depends on the day or the work that needs to be done. People who are new to blogging normally start the ball rolling with this “What’s inside your bag?” blog idea. So, let me share you the contents of the bag of a teacher, a mother, a self-proclaimed artist and a daily reklamadoraContinue reading “Question: What’s inside your bag?”

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