Literary Criticism

Sharing with you notes on various literary theories you may want to consider on your next literary analysis/ criticism: FORMAL CRITICISM is an approach to literature that focuses on the formal elements of a work, such as its language, structure and tone. Formalist critics offer intense examinations of the relationship between form and meaning inContinue reading “Literary Criticism”

A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender by Aranya Johar: A Reaction

Not everyone has the ability to put experience into words but Aranya Johar did. Her performance began with an anecdote: “The first boy who held my hand told me boys didn’t want to hear about vaginas bleeding. Younger me could smell the misogyny. Vaginas only meant to be fucked, breasts only meant to be sucked,Continue reading “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender by Aranya Johar: A Reaction”

Basics of Fiction

Most people spend their leisure time reading various materials like pocketbooks, e-books and comics and even watching telenovelas and teleseryes and films of different genres. Thus, many are truly interested in stories involving the many aspects of life. Basically, all these that we enjoy are manifestations of man’s power to reconstruct and recreate life. Thus,Continue reading “Basics of Fiction”

Activities to Encourage Young Readers

As I’ve said in my previous post, reading occupies a special place in my life. And I firmly believe that when people, adults and kids alike, see me read, I could set a powerful example for them. Both parents and teachers should not underestimate the kind of influence, reading has on their children’s lives.  LastContinue reading “Activities to Encourage Young Readers”

Figures of Speech

Figurative language is a type of language that varies from the norms of literal language, in which words mean exactly what they say. Also known as the “ornamentals of language,” figurative language doest not mean exactly what it says, but instead forces the reader to make an imaginative leap in order to comprehend the poet’sContinue reading “Figures of Speech”

Basics of Poetry

Poetry is one form of literature which is known for its highly aesthetic and emotional appeal. It is indeed a majestic form of literature. It has its own qualities that mainly represent  This is mainly represent the artist’s style, perspective and disposition. Thus, similar to visual arts, the total beauty of poetic work is aContinue reading “Basics of Poetry”

Tips for Encouraging Young Readers 1

Reading occupies a special place in my life. I know the power it has in raising my spirits and keeping my dreams alive. It is also a fundamental part of my plan to raise a good standard of education for my kids and my students, as well. I believe that when I read and kidsContinue reading “Tips for Encouraging Young Readers 1”

Main Ingredients of Literature

For almost two decades of teaching Philippine literature, I cannot deny that the first definition taught to me still holds true today, even in the time of corona. Pardon but pun intended. Hihi. Literature is life. It practically mirrors everything that is happening in the society—all the good and the bad experiences and all theContinue reading “Main Ingredients of Literature”

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